About Sikandra Rao

Situated in the Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh, Sikandra Rao is a municipal board and Tehsil located on National Highway 91. According to the 2001 Census of India, Sikandra Rao had a population of 38,485, out of which, 52% were males and the rest were females. Around 17% of the population was below the age of six.

About Sikandra Rao

It is located 26 kilometers from Jalesar, 35 kilometers from Hathras City, 37 kilometers from Aligarh, 60 kilometers from Khair, 61 kilometers from Firozabad, 69 kilometers from Agra, 74 kilometers from Mathura, 105 kilometers from Bharatpur, 120 kilometers from Farrukhabad, 121 kilometers from Etawah, 125 kilometers from Bareilly, 128 kilometers from Hapur and 132 kilometers from Moradabad.

History of Sikandra Rao

Sikandra Rao was founded during the fifteenth century by the eminent Sikandar Lodi, however, after a few years it was given to Rao Khan as jaglr. Hence, the name Sikandra Rao was derived. During the year 1857, a mutiny was held, of which Ghaus Mohammad Khan (a prominent figure during the first war of Independence in India) was the leading rebel and held Aligarh or Koil as the deputy for Walidad Khan, who was from Malagarh in Bulandshahr District. Chauhan rulers were the highest tribe of the Rajputs and held various divisions during their time including Khair, Atrauli, Murthal, Marhera and Sikandra Rao.

Culture and Religion of Sikandra Rao

Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are the major religions followed over here, with about 65% of the population following the former religion and the 30% and 4% following the latter ones. Roughly 75% of the city’s Hindu population belongs to the 15-59 years category of age.

Around 20% of the population is Scheduled Castes, out of which Kori, Jatav and Balmiki are the majority ones. Mughal, Shaikh, Pathan, Rajput and Saiyyad creeds follow Islam. Hindi and Urdu are the most widely spoken language over here.

Being a part of Uttar Pradesh, Sikandra Rao is a place where several kinds of festivals are celebrated by all communities with a lot of zest and passion. Some popular festivals that one must be a part of over here include Diwali, Eid, Rama Navami, Janmashtami, Buddha Purnima, Hanuman Jayanti and Dusshera.

Famous Localities in Sikandra Rao

There are two main markets in Sikandra Rao – Naya Ganj Market and Bada Bazaar. Both are known for their wide range of products at very reasonable rates. Other popular markets over here are Arya Samaj Market and Chudi Market.

About Sikandra Rao

Some famous localities in Sikandra Rao include Bhuteshwar or Teachers Colony, Matkota, Barah Saini, Damdama and East and West Naurangabad.

Accommodation in Sikandra Rao

Since Sikandra Rao is a small town, there are not many hotels available over here. However, since it is located very close to several popular tourist destinations like Agra (approximately 68 kilometers), there are many budget and luxury hotels available nearby where tourists can stay, which also conduct regular day trips to Sikandra Rao.

Some popular hotels in Agra include Hotel Taj Resorts, Hotel Taj Plaza, Hotel Tara Grand Agra, Kingston Homestay, Hotel Crystal Inn and East Lite Hotel. For more information on accommodation in Agra, click here.

Climate in Sikandra Rao

Sikandra Rao mainly experiences three seasons – summers, monsoons and winters with the lowest temperature, around 3-4 degree Celsius in the months of January and the highest temperature being 43-45 degree Celsius during the months of May and June.

Summers: Summers in Sikandra Rao are usually hot and dry with low amounts of humidity and dust laden winds. Summer months usually start from the month of March till the month of June.

Monsoons: Sikandra Rao receives an average of 990 mm rainfall every year, which results in a slight fall of temperature, to about 40 degree Celsius, during the rainy days. Monsoons start from the month of June till the month of September.

Winters: Winters in Sikandra Rao are usually very cold and foggy, with temperatures sometimes reaching 3-4 degree Celsius. Winters usually start from the month of October till the month of February.

How to Reach Sikandra Rao

Sikandra Rao can be easily reached via road, train and air.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Sikandra Rao Railway Station on the Mathura – Kasganj – Bareilly rail route, which connects this small city to all the other major cities and towns in the country. Trains are the best way to reach Sikandra Rao.

By Air

The nearest domestic airport to Sikandra Rao is Kheria Airport in Agra, which is about 70 kilometers away from the city and the nearest international airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

By Road

Sikandra Rao does not have a bus station and the nearest one is available in Kasganj (29 kilometers) and Aligarh (38 kilometers). Alternatively, one can even hire a car from Agra or Delhi and drive down to Sikandra Rao.

Facts and Figures of Sikandra Rao

District Name: Hathras District
District Headquarters: Hathras
State: Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates: 27°42'N  78°24'E
Language: Hindi
Population of Sikandra Rao: 38,485
Sex ratio: 890/1000
Pin: 204215
Telephone Code: 05721
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
Best Time to Visit: Winters (October to March)
Average Rainfall: 990 mm
Nearest Airport: Kheria Airport, Agra

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